God's Heroes; For Kids and Family Worship; by Dick Duerksen

Explore God's Heroes -- 24 True Bible Stories

Bible Explorer Series For Kids and Family Worship
God's Heroes
24 True Bible Stories of Courageous Faith

Energize your personal and family worship time with 24 fascinating, inspirational stories of courageous faith.

Master storyteller Dick Duerksen brings to life amazing, true Bible stories that will keep you and your family listening - and then keep you talking about God. This all new series includes visits to Bethlehem, Mahanaim, Egypt, Sinai, Philippi, Rome and much more! Each episode is personalized, true to the Biblical account, spiritually challenging, and includes probing questions for you to discuss and fun projects to complete.

You'll want to order sets for your family, friends, grandparents, the library at school and the church lending library, your missionary friends and, of course, an extra set for your kids to lend to their friends!

Verse-by-verse. Approx. 9 Hours. Available on CD.


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Your Personal Guide

Dick Duerksen is currently the speaker for Maranatha Mission Stories, the weekly online mission feature of Maranatha Volunteers International.

At the time of this recording, he was the Director of Spiritual Development for Florida Hospital, helping 10,500 employees understand and implement the Grace of God in all aspects of their work. Richard, an accomplished photographer and storyteller, has served nearly 30 years as pastor, educator, administrator, speaker and writer. His goal is to share a clearer understanding of God and describe how to enjoy being loved by Him. Richard and his wife are the parents of three young adults.

You Will Discover
1. Noah's Scary Night  Click Here to Listen
2. Joseph, Camelbound
3. Joseph, Floor Scrubber
4. Joseph, Shaved and Ready
5. Joseph, Tempted to Revenge
6. When a Bush Spoke Egyptian
7. A Glass of Water for the King
8. The Night the Wind Whispered "GO"
9. When a Dead Dog Ate Lunch with the King
10. "Ask, and I'll get it for you."
11. The 95 Mile Marathon
13. "Trust Me," she said to the General
14. Shallum's Son Matt
15. Shepherds Who Knew How to Listen
16. Fishing Like A Fool
17. The Man Jesus Touched
18. The Terror
19. The Girl Jesus Raised in Time for Lunch
20. Lazarus' Best Friend
21. Palm Branch Kids
22. Late One Night ...
23. Seventy-five Pounds of Love
24. When the Priest Needed Glasses
25. Shaky Knees and Hasty Pasta


God's Heroes; For Kids and Family Worship; by Dick Duerksen
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