Explore Romans: The Ultimate Gift: by DeWayne Boyer

Explore Romans -- Bible Study

Bible Explorer Series Romans

The Ultimate Gift

Our Salvation ... Our Destiny ... Our Privilege ... Our Duty

"The clearest gospel of all"
, Paul's epistle to the Romans is central to the message of the New Testament and to understanding the Apostle's mind. God accomplished in Christ what could not happen any other way: —a new, perfect standing with Him, peace with God, freedom from the power of sin, freedom from the law's condemnation and thinking of law as a method of salvation, and freedom from the ultimate enemy -- —death.

Paul is obsessive compulsive, about Jesus. He can hardly wait to get his name out before his singular passion of the Good News of Christ breaks through.

No book of the Bible has inspired more revivals or brought more people into a deep and genuine relationship with God than this book. We invite you to explore with us its key messages with a dedication to being ever faithful to the text while suggesting life applications for us today.

Verse-by-verse.   Approx. 10 Hours. CD's


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Your Personal Guide

DeWayne Boyer
is a dynamic high school Bible teacher who has shared the assurance of Life in Christ with teen-agers from Walla Walla, Washington to Washington, D.C. His ministry for the Lord has also included positions as pastor, missionary, and school administrator. A math major in college, his graduate studies in New Testament took him to the seminary at Andrews University and Princeton Theological Seminary

He and his wife, Bev (also a teacher), live with thankfulness for God's amazing leading in their lives, and are now discovering the fun of being grandparents. DeWayne looks forward to getting well acquainted with the apostle Paul when they get to heaven.

You Will Discover
1. Long Live the Gospel!
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Romans 1:1 -17
2. Yep, You're Guilty; You Too Romans 1:18 - 2:29
3. Relief -- Good News! Romans 3
4. An Alien Righteousness Romans 4
5. The Burden is Lifted Romans 5
6. Living for a New Lord Romans 6
7. The Mess Romans 7
8. God Behind the Scenes Romans 8
9. Just Who's in Charge? Romans 9:1 - 10:4
10. Last Man Standing Romans 10:5 - 11:36
11. The Shape of Love Romans 12, 13
12. The Issue Isn't the Issue Romans 13, 14, 15


The Ultimate Gift
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