Explore Parables Jesus Taught: by Hyveth Williams

Explore Parables Jesus Taught: Bible Study
Bible Explorer Series Parables Jesus Taught
A Secret Source of Joy
Exploring God's Heart

Parables Jesus Taught. >> Verse by verse explorations.

Find yourself in His stories. Jesus' parables are simple tales drawn from daily life that paint an incredible portrait of God. They bring Heaven closer to earth and draw us nearer to our loving Heavenly Father. Up close and personal. Heart to heart.

You'll treasure this incredible encounter with the Master. Encouraging gift idea for friends!


Verse-by-verse. Approx. 8 Hours. CDs


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Hyveth Williams D.Min. is Professor of Church Ministry at Andrews University Theological Seminary. She thrives on studying God's Word in its original languages and refers to herself as a Bible sleuth and wordsmith who is determined to track down truth for today. Hyveth earned a Doctor of Ministry, with emphasis on preaching, from Boston University School of Theology.

You Will Discover
1. The Soil Of Your Soul  Matthew 13:1 - 9, 18 - 23
2. You're Everything To Me  Matthew 13:44 - 46
3. God Knows Where I Am! Luke 15
4. Reversal Of Fortune Matthew 20:1 - 6
5. The Seed And The Sickle Mark 4:26 - 29
6. The God Who Answers Prayers Luke 11:5 - 13 / 18:1-8
7. God Be Merciful To Me, The Sinner Luke 18:9 - 14
8. Shrewd Sinners, Simple Saints Luke 16:1 - 9
9. Are You My Neighbor? Luke 10:25 - 37
10. Please Pardon Me Matthew 18:21 - 35
11. Are You Ready? Luke 12:35 - 48
12. Too Late! Matthew 25:1 - 13


The Strength of Weakness
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