Explore Mark's Gospel (2 Albums: 16 hrs) By Tom Shepherd Ph.D.

Explore Gospel of Mark (2 Volume Series) Bible Study
Bible Explorer Series Gospel of Mark (2 Volume Series)
The Secret's Out!

Volume 1 -- Who Is The Messiah? Should We Follow Him?

Volume 2 -- Where Is Jesus Going? Dare We Follow Him?

Who is Jesus, really?
That is the question that dominates the first half of the book of Mark. People are amazed at His authoritative teaching and miracles. The twelve disciples follow Him but have trouble understanding who He is. It is only the demons that seem fully aware of His power, and He silences them again and again. Finally, the disciples recognize who He really is -- but this brings them to a most troubling discovery.

Do you know who Jesus really is?   Or are you living with an illusion of this man? Rediscover the real Jesus through Mark's story and learn the secret of His life in this Bible Explorer Series.

Two Albums: Each Series = Approx. 16 Hours. Available on CD

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Your Personal Guide

Tom Shepherd, PhD ::
is Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Andrews University Theological Seminary where he now teaches Dr. Paulien's former classes at Andrews University Theological Seminary.

Dr Shepherd has also served as: Professor of Religion, Ethics, and Missions at Union College, Professor of Theology at Instituto Adventista de Ensino Campus Central, Sao Paulo state, Brazil; and Health Director for ADRA in Malawi, Africa.

You Will Discover

Volume 1 -- Who Is The Messiah? Volume 2 -- Dare We Follow Him to the Cross?
  1. Who? What? When? Where? Why?
    Introduction to the Gospel of Mark  Click Here to Listen
  2. The Time Has Come
    Mark 1:1 - 15
  3. Desperately Seeking Jesus
    Mark 1:16 - 45
  4. Too Many People In The Way
    Mark 2
  5. Silent Men, Angry Jesus
    Mark 3:1 - 19
  6. The Divided House
    Mark 3:20 - 35
  7. The Mystery of God's Kingdom
    Mark 4
  8. Bad Jokes and Hidden Power
    Mark 5
  9. A Holy Man, an Angry Woman, and a Perplexed King
    Mark 6
  10. Inside Out, Upside Down
    Mark 7:1 - 30
  11. A Sign from Heaven
    Mark 7:31 - 8:26
  12. Who Do You Say I Am ?
    Mark 8:27 - 38
  1. The Mountain and the Multitude
    Mark 9:1- 32 Click Here to Listen
  2. True Greatness
    Mark 9:33 - 50
  3. One Question
    Mark 10:1- 34
  4. One Wish
    Mark 10:35- 52
  5. Hypocrites Up a Tree
    Mark 11
  6. Boxing With God
    Mark 12
  7. The End Is Near
    Mark 13
  8. The Most Extravagent Gift
    Mark 14:1- 31
  9. The Most Difficult Prayer God Ever Answered
    Mark 14:32 - 42
  10. Leaving All to Flee From Jesus
    Mark 14:43 - 72
  11. The Toughest Choice
    Mark 15:1 - 21
  12. Baptism at Midnight
    Mark 15:22 - 16:19


The Secret's Out!
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