Explore Joshua: Strong; Courageous: by Lloyd Perrin

Explore Joshua (Verse by Verse) Bible Study
Bible Explorer Series Joshua
How to Live the Victorious Christian Life

The Book of Joshua is like an exciting novel -- the miraculous crossing of the Jordan river, the crash of Jericho's walls, the sun stopping in the sky. We are amazed at God's faithfulness and power. The battles we face today are different, but very real. We are challenged by false values, temptations, discouragement, and stress at home, school, and work. This practical cassette series will help you to be strong, courageous and victorious.

Verse-by-verse. Approx. 8 Hours. CD


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Your Personal Guide
Lloyd Perrin teaches the timeless truth of God's Word as the answer to all our needs. He has a Doctorate of Ministry, focusing on the Dynamics of Worship. His friendly, energetic style makes it fascinating and fun to learn and apply the powerful principles to your life.
You Will Discover
1. God's Handbook For Victory
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Introduction to the Book of Joshua
2. One Success Secret You Can't Live Without Joshua 1
3. The Sermon Of A Prostitute Joshua 2
4. Follow That Ark! Joshua 3
5. Five Vital Checkpoints to Victory Joshua 4 - 5
6. The Impossible Scream Joshua 6
7. Turning Failures Into Victories Joshua 7 - 8
8. Satan's Most Dangerous Deception Joshua 9
9. When God Moves, Heaven, Earth, and Hell Joshua 10 - 12
10. "Just Do It!" Joshua 13 - 17
11. Needed: Cities of Refuge Joshua 18 - 21
12. Going Public, I Choose The Lord Joshua 22 - 24


Joshua (Verse by Verse) Bible Study: Lloyd Perrin
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