Explore Great Chapters: Glimpses of God: Jon Paulien and Others

Explore Great Chapters of the Bible
Bible Explorer Series
Great Chapters of the Bible
Glimpses of God
Seeing the Sovereign One in Scripture

Sometimes it can be very difficult to see God in our chaotic world. The daily rat race distracts us from sensing His presence and providence in our life. Explore some of the great chapters in the Bible in this unique audio series.

You will catch a fresh glimpse of the God who is eager to reveal Himself to you.


Verse-by-verse. Approx. 8 Hours. CDs


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Your Personal Guide
Explore some of the great chapters in the Bible, verse by verse >> George Knight Ed.D., Jon Paulien Ph.D., Don Pate, Rajah Farah D.Min., Jon Dybdahl, Ph.D., William Richardson Ph.D., and others.
You Will Discover
1. Why Is Love So Difficult To Understand? 1 Corinthians 13  >> William Richardson Ph.D.
2. God In My Pain  Isaiah 52 - 53  >> Don Pate
3. God's Hall Of Faith  Hebrews 10 - 12  >> Bruce Biggs
4. The Creator Of Excellence  Genesis 1 - 2  >> Don Pate
5. Living With God's Laws  Exodus 19 - 20  >> Jon Dybdahl Ph.D.
6. Powerful Principles of God's Kingdom  Matthew 5  >> George R. Knight Ed.D
7. The Best Defense Against Deception  2 Peter 1  >> Alan Newhart [Read by Andre' Scalzo]
8. Christ's Passionate Prayer For You  John 16 - 17  >> Mark Fox
9. What God Really Wants  Isaiah 58  >> Don Pate
10. What To Do While Watching And Waiting Matthew 24 - 25  >> George R. Knight Ed.D.
11. Winning With God When The World Ends  Revelation 14  >> Jon Paulien Ph.D.
12. The God Of Confident Refugees Psalms 46 and 91  >> Rajah Farah D.Min.


The Strength of Weakness
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