Explore God's Character: The Irresistible God: by Dick Duerksen

Explore God Character -- Bible Study

Bible Explorer Series God's Character
 The Irresistible God
12 Clear Portraits of God's Character

God's greatest desire is for us to see a clear picture of His character. This series is like a roll of film with a dozen different portraits of God. Each is an accurate photo, but is incomplete without the others. You'll discover "Secrets of Listening as God Listens" "Three Wonderful Ways to Understand the Trinity" and "Four Things to Watch for as Christ Returns."

You will love being loved by this awesome, irresistible God. Please share this series with your friends. Makes an excellent gift.

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Your Personal Guide

Dick Duerksen is currently the speaker for Maranatha Mission Stories, the weekly online mission feature of Maranatha Volunteers International.

At the time of this recording, he was the Director of Spiritual Development for Florida Hospital, helping 10,500 employees understand and implement the Grace of God in all aspects of their work. Richard, an accomplished photographer and storyteller, has served nearly 30 years as pastor, educator, administrator, speaker and writer. His goal is to share a clearer understanding of God and describe how to enjoy being loved by Him. Richard and his wife are the parents of three young adults.

You Will Discover
1. The God of Forever - Today
2. The Commander in Chief
3. The Three
4. The God With A Beating Heart
5. The Holy One
6. The Lover and Redeemer
7. The God Of Peaceful Anger
8. The God Who Listens With His Whole Heart
9. The Giver
10. Daddy
11. The Protector
12. The Returning King


The Irresistible God: by Dick Duerksen
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