Explore Daniel: Who Is Like God! by Zdravko Stefanovic Ph.D.

Explore Daniel (verse by verse) Bible Study
Bible Explorer Series Daniel

Who Is Like God!

Rock-Solid Promises for Your Future!

For centuries and even millennia the book of Daniel has been a source of courage and hope for believers.

(Album of 12 CDs) Even skeptics have been impressed by the prophecies fulfilled with astonishing precision. Yet the powerful message of this book has often been obscured by biased and subjective approaches. Now you can explore the complete book of Daniel, verse by verse.

Dr. Zdravko Stefanovic lets the Bible explain itself. Only in this way can the book of Daniel be clearly understood. Its life changing message will leave you not just astonished but completely transformed by an awesome God who speaks even today through the book of Daniel.

Verse-by-verse.  Approx. 9 Hours. CDs

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Zdravko Stefanovic Ph.D. ... in Biblical Studies, has taught the Old Testament, Bible Languages (Hebrew and Aramaic) and Biblical interpretation in Europe, Asia, and North America.

The author of three books and a number of articles published in scholarly journals and popular magazines, he also enjoys holding seminars on various Bible and mission related topics enriched by missionary experience in East Asia.

You Will Discover
1. When a Tragedy Strikes Click Here to Listen Introduction to Daniel
2. From Dust to Stars Daniel 1
3. He Holds the Future Daniel 2
4. Our God is Able Daniel 3
5. He Touched Me Daniel 4
6. From Stars to Dust Daniel 5
7. Two Unchangeable Laws Daniel 6
8. Suffering is Not Forever Daniel 7
9. The Tallest Horn is Broken Daniel 8
10. The Tale of Two Exiles Daniel 9
11. Face to Face with the Saviour Daniel 10
12. Is Michael Your Prince? Daniel 11 and 12


Daniel (Verse by Verse) Bible Study: Zdravko Stefanovic Ph.D.
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