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This is his MOST Comprehensive Presentation on the Book of Revelation to date! It is a must-have series for all levels of students (beginners to advanced) of the Book of Revelation.

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  • Joshua
  • Judges
  • Mark Part 1
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Introduction to
The Book of Revelation

How to Study the Book of Revelation
Without Losing Your Mind

The Book of Revelation has both delighted and frustrated readers ever since it was written. Contradictory and often bizarre interpretations of the book abound. In this unique CD series, however, Jon Paulien guides the listener to an approach that unlocks the book's own inner genius. Now you can discover all the hope. Without all the hype.

You have never heard a Scripture study like this! In the words of one listener: "For the very first time I felt comfortable with a Revelation study. I can see a thread running from the beginning to the end that also ties Revelation to both the Old and New Testaments. Finally, Revelation makes sense!" We are confident that you will agree.

Revelation 1 ~ 5

The Lamb and His Wayward Saints

Revelation 1 - 5 includes letters from Jesus to churches caught in the rough and tumble of everyday life. The church's greatest need is for a vision of the heavenly Christ, enthroned in glory, and powerful to intervene in world affairs and in the lives of His people on earth.

This section of Revelation answers that need with sublime directness. Listen and behold the Lamb.

Revelation 6 ~ 9

God's Horror Show

Revelation 6 ~ 9 and 11:15 ~ 18 covers the seven seals and the seven trumpets. Few would question that these passages are among the most vexing and difficult to understand of any in the whole Bible.

The method laid out in the first series, Keys to the Code, is applied vigorously here, and with surprising clarity and success. Listen and heed the call!

Revelation 10:1 ~ 16:11

Things Get Worse Before They Get Better

Revelation 10:1 ~ 16:11 focuses especially on the final crisis of earth's history, the difficulties, issues and deceptions that the people of God will face, and the kind of character that they will need in order to overcome during the End-Time.

This is essential information for those who want to be prepared for the exciting days just ahead. Listen and be ready!

Revelation 16:12 ~ 22:21

It's Worth the Wait

Revelation 16:12 ~ 22:21 zeros in on the Battle of Armageddon, the end of earth's history, the millennium, and the glorious new earth. Few subjects are as intensely interesting as these.

Jon Paulien teaches with a freshness and a clarity, allowing the Bible to explain itself as you have never heard before. Listen and discover how it all ends!

Verse-by-verse: Approx. 40 Hours


You will Explore:

  1. Introduction and Overview Click Here to Listen
  2. The Pattern of Bible Prophecy - Part I
  3. The Pattern of Bible Prophecy - Part II
  4. Living Lessons, Dead Prophets
  5. Safeguards for Scholars of Scripture
  6. The World of the Book of Revelation
  7. Basic Exegesis of the Book of Revelation
  8. Exegesis and the Structure of Revelation - Part I
  9. Exegesis and the Structure of Revelation - Part II
  10. Old Testament Allusions and Their Significance
  11. Seeing Christ in the Old Testament - Part I
  12. Seeing Christ in the Old Testament - Part II
  13. The Prologue of Revelation Click Here to Listen
  14. Jesus Among the Candlesticks
  15. Seven Letters to Seven Churches
  16. Ephesus and Smyrna
  17. Pergamum and Thyatira
  18. Sardis and Philadelphia
  19. Laodicea
  20. An Overview of the Seven Seals - Part I
  21. An Overview of the Seven Seals - Part II
  22. When The Lamb Took The Book
  23. The Lion, The Lamb, and The Book
  24. Seven Seals and the Experience of the Church
  25. The Old and New Testament Background of Revelation 6 Click Here to Listen
  26. The First and Second Seals
  27. The Third and Fourth Seals
  28. The Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Seals
  29. The 144,000 and the Great Multitude
  30. The Role of Trumpets in Scripture
  31. The Time When The Trumpets Begin
  32. The Nature of the Trumpets
  33. The First and Second Trumpets
  34. The Third and Fourth Trumpets
  35. The Fifth Trumpet
  36. The Sixth and Seventh Trumpets
  37. Seven Thunders and the Gospel's End  Click Here to Listen
  38. The Scroll and the Temple
  39. The Identity of the Two Witnesses
  40. The Death and Resurrection of the Two Witnesses
  41. Introduction to the Last Half of Revelation
  42. War in Heaven and on Earth
  43. The Last Deception of Earth's History
  44. The Beast from the Sea
  45. The Beast from the Earth
  46. God's Last Generation
  47. The Consequences of Unbelief
  48. A Theology of the Bowl Plagues
  49. The Drying Up of the Euphrates  Click Here to Listen
  50. The Battle of Armageddon
  51. Prostitute Babylon and the Resurrected Beast
  52. Babylon, the Great City Falls
  53. Outline of the End of Time
  54. Summary of Final Events
  55. The Thousand Years, Verse by Verse
  56. Various Views on the Millennium
  57. The New Jerusalem
  58. The Glorious New Reality
  59. The Tree and Water of Life
  60. Epilogue; Some Final Thoughts


The Bible Explorer Comprehensive Revelation Study, Jon Paulien, Ph.D.
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