A01. Jon Paulien's Bundled PDF Collection

This is a downloadable Bundle of Jon Paulien's most popular published books, articles, manuscripts ... including Jon Paulien's Dissertation on Decoding the Trumpets of Revelation. 

You won't be disappointed! 

These are all PDF files ... compatible on most computers and most eBook Readers.  It comes in a simple .zip folder that is common to open on both PCs and MACs.

This also includes the Transcripts and PowerPoint slides from the Simply Revelation 4-Part presentation. 

(PLUS: ALL the Books and Articles in PDF that you can buy as individual items on our Site.)

  • Jon Paulien's most popular Published Books
  • Simply Revelation Transcripts & Graphics
  • Dozens of Published Articles
  • Plus his Doctor Dissertation on Decoding the Trumpets of Revelation!?

A Valuable Resource!

Professor Paulien earned his M. Div. and Ph.D. degrees from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan, where he formerly served as Chair of the New Testament Department. He currently is the Dean of Religion at Loma Linda University.  He has traveled extensively throughout the world conducting seminars designed to help people understand and experience biblical truths and apply them effectively in the real world.


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PDF files are compatible on most Computers and the current eBook Readers


Jon Paulien Collection
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